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Home Exterior Restoration Experts is truly a family owned local business.  Now Days when you call a company you never know if you are going to reach a call center, a receptionist, or a voicemail.  With H.E.R.E, when you call you always get the owner, operator, installer on the phone to answer all of  your questions.  Yes, you may get a voicemail, but you will be called back as soon as possible, when it is safe for us to do so, as we are on the job with our crew.

To give you a more personalized look into the installer that you are considering here is our story.

Charles was born in Ludington, moved to Pierson as a child, then to Cedar Springs finally settling in Grant where he met his wife Tracey, a native of the town and they settled down with their children on a small horse rescue, we are truly a local, family owned company.  

Chuck began roofing and doing exterior work in 2001. Tracey worked  Customer Service for a large forklift company for 15 years before becoming the backbone of H.E.R.E. working with all the clerical duties and raising their three children.  Chuck worked for  before 2007 when he was injured in a car accident when he was run off the road by a drunk driver breaking his c2 vertebrete (the same break as Christopher Reeves, Superman).  Only by a miracle Chuck survived, with the use of all his extremities which doctors cannot comprehend.  

After a year of rehabilitation the family lost everything, but when Chuck was able to return to work he decided that he was given an opportunity to do better things for both himself and his family.  And from the ashes we have built a business that we are proud to call our own.   

We pride ourselves on Quality and the highest installation standard and warranty possible, we meet and exceed all expectations in our work and we provide each customer with every possible option for their installation.  We will not do an installation that we would not put into our own home.  Our quality is of the utmost importance.

As a company we try to give back as much as possible, by sponsoring local Rodeos, Discounts for Seniors, Veterans, and Active Military.