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H.E.R.E. will abide by all bylaws of the Manufacturers Warranty for defects in all materials.


This warranty is issued to the owner of the home or building. H.E.R.E warrants all materials and workmanship furnished and installed by H.E.R.E., against defects of workmanship for a period of Ten Years from the date of completion thereof, excluding leaks caused by sheathing nails installed by others, work performed by others, acts of God, (hail, high winds, tornadoes, lightning etc), or accidents in which H.E.R.E.. has no control over. If a problem ever occurs, the homeowner shall promptly notify H.E.R.E. 

In the event that the problem is due to workmanship or defective materials, H.E.RE., will rectify the situation and no charge to the homeowner for the duration of this warranty. However, should repairs be necessary which are not the results of defects in workmanship or materials provided by H.E.R.E. reasonable charges will be incurred for such repair and/ or inspections. Repairs and/ or inspections completed H.E.R.E. for defects not caused by workmanship or materials shall be paid within 30 days from date of invoice, failure to pay will release H.E.R.E. from any obligation under this warranty and customer shall, thereafter, have no legal right to make any claim or seek any remedy against H.E.R.E. whatsoever. 

This warranty is limited to defective workmanship and materials provided by H.E.R.E., and shall not apply to any other defects in the roof, including but not limited to those caused by improper construction of the dwelling or base upon which the roof is laid, such as warped sheathing boards, cracking or undue expansion of the roof deck or building. Nothing in this warranty shall be construed to cover any damages to the dwelling or contents thereof, past or present mold and or abatement, after completion of the roof. H.E.R.E. shall have no obligation to perform any work or services under this warranty until the work and materials covered hereby are paid in full. Should customer fail to pay, or become past due, H.E.R.E. shall have no obligation to perform any work or services under this warranty until customer’s account is made current. 

After completion of the roof, no HVAC equipment, radio or television aerials, satellite dishes, framework or signs, water towers, sprinkler systems, vents, skylights, lighting, electrical conduit, electrical wiring, solar & heating units, additions or any other type of roof penetration shall be installed thereon unless H.E.R.E. is first notified of such installation and be given the opportunity to make and charge for proper sealing to roof surface. Should one or any combination herein stated be performed prior to notifying H.E.R.E. shall have no obligation to perform any work or services under this warranty. Type your paragraph here.